It’s finally time for me to take a gap year. Yes, I missed the earlier opportunity of squeezing in some revelry between high school and university, but, quite frankly, I lacked both the funds and the inclination (especially the funds). But now, after four years of university and a year of part-time work, I am about to head to Europe to travel and work with my friend Lyndsay. I freely admit to being terrified and excited in about equal measure.

I am psyched to run, hike, stroll, meander and amble my way through Europe and maybe even make use of my science degree along the way. Who knows? It could happen. I explained to someone what an emulsion was the other day.

It’s two weeks until I leave and I have my visa, travel insurance, bag and a vague idea of where I’d like to go. First stop is London and a heavy dose of museum-related awesomeness, then hopefully some house-sitting in southern Europe. Surely Lyndsay and I can convince home owners that we are lovely, responsible young women skilled in vacuuming and weeding.

Realistically, it’s probably just going to be my family and grandparents reading this (Hi guys! You’re the greatest. Thanks for sticking around). So to all my readers back on Woodstock – ahoy! I  know my bedroom has already been claimed, and that I will miss a lot of vegie lasagnes, relationship dramas and pilgrims’ sessions, but bear with me as I roam sea and shore on the other side of the world. Just please don’t skype me while you’re eating lasagne. That would be too much to bear.

Time to savour those last few visits to Pilgrims. CHAI!!

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