I’m finally back in sunny Australia. More specifically, I’m back on the home farm in gorgeous Milton, after eight months of pottering around England, Scotland and Wales. The year is suddenly hurtling towards Christmas and I can’t quite believe 2013 has gone so quickly.
Arriving back on the farm in a haze of jet lag, I realised I didn’t actually have a room in the house. My sister Kate had claimed my old room in my absence and the Smith house was at full occupancy with all six siblings in residence. Luckily, on the very afternoon of my arrival back in the country, a series of events culminated in the arrival of new digs better than I could possibly imagine…
 The caravan saga
Kate works at a local caravan park and her boyfriend Joel had been keeping an ear cocked for news of old caravans needing new homes.  Somehow, Joel heard about a friend with just such a beauty in the backyard. Not only a battered caravan, this baby came with an attached annex and verandah. Joel offered to take it all apart and off their hands and they jumped at the idea. Thus the Viscount Supreme arrived on the farm on the back of a tow truck. Not much to look at from the outside, it’s nevertheless spacious, open and lovely on the inside. Did I mention that all the electrics work too? For a free home, it’s top notch.
The Viscount Supreme, complete with deflated camping mattress door. Pure class.
It took a day to clean the interior, but with a good scrub and a new mattress, I was able to move in on my second day back in Australia. I spent another day moving in my clothes and books and suddenly it was a home. It was pimped up even more by connecting it to mains power (lights and operational fridge) and I even splurged on a kettle. Complete luxury.
Before: a bit of a mess.
Before: still a bit of a mess.
Mum and I cleaning out the caravan.
After: my bedroom!
After: my breakfast bar (aka the other half of the caravan).
Joel has grand visions for the reassembled annex and verandah and I was quickly caught up in his enthusiasm. He has begun working on the deck and frame, and I have been working on removing the silicon from the panels of the annex.  I absolutely love the caravan as is, but with the annex it’ll be a castle. There will definitely be a caravan-warming party when it’s all assembled. It’ll be classy, I promise.
Joel’s work on the surrounding frame.
Kate and Joel hard at work.
Stay up to date with http://www.humusandhummus.com to see the work in progress. I’ll let you know when we’re ready for that caravan-warming party, so don’t worry. Trailer-park fun for everyone, I promise.

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