For a family of six children, it’s statistically improbable there would only be one son. That’d be Jacob, my 23 year old surfing bohemian brother. He’s so great you don’t need another.

The beach orients his life, and he is irresistibly at peace in nature. Despite his extensive travels, he finds himself drawn back to Milton, where he loves the “good waves and good people.” One of those “good people” is his gorgeous girlfriend Santana, a Huskisson local and talented photographer. She heads her own brand, which is definitely worth a perve at That shit is bananas. They’re both studying by correspondence, working locally, and dreaming big.

The duo’s most recent adventure took them along the west coast of the USA and Mexico. From Yosemite to Puerto Escondido and everywhere in between, they documented a lively, creative journey.

The standout was Mexico, with incredible tastes and sights. Fresh corn tortillas, spicy meat and vegetables and local beer fuelled a fast-paced few months on the other side of the world. The hidden cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula were a particular gem. These underground limestone caverns are dotted around the region, and fill with natural rainwater over time. Treks to outlying towns reveal hidden backyard cenotes, with access gained by a hesitant ‘Ola…. Cenote?’ Usually, this is answered with a grin and a lively ‘Si, si!’ from the bemused resident, who would beckon them around the back and out into the rainforest beyond. There, you come across an opening into the earth, some only a metre wide.

Often, he and Santana were the only ones to see the tantalisingly clear waters.  Other times, they were joined by a busload of crunk elderly ladies getting their swagger on. Or they were floating, ghostly spectres in the deep, kept company by limestone formations hundreds of years old.

Have a look at It’s a bit crazily magical.

Don’t forget to follow their myriad magical moments here in Milton too. Find Jacob on instagram @feltipern and Santana @santanaluz. There’s more to come from this talented couple.


Jacob Smith. Photo courtesy of Santana Verdugo Photography


Santana Verdugo. Photo courtesy of Santana Verdugo Photography.


Teotihuacan, Mexico. Photo courtesy of Santana Verdugo Photography


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