This year, TEDX Sydney was all about unusual food that pushes our dinner plate boundaries. The Rebel Food event curated by Jess Miller definitely delivered. You’ve probably seen the BuzzFeed article documenting what was on offer to attendees (if not, check it out here). There were bugs (cricket muesli, ant butter, mealworm sprinkles) unusual meats (crocodile and boar sausages), knobbly fruit, foraged greens and wild foods. Not to mention gorgeous formations of live oyster mushrooms, showcasing the unique life cycle of edible fungi. The mushroom lady? That was me. Hi. I’m Marita and I run Milton Mushrooms on the south coast of NSW.

A bit over a month ago, I received a call from the lovely Kirsten Bradley from Milkwood Permaculture. She asked if I would be interested in showcasing live mushrooms for the Rebel Food event. I did Milkwood’s Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation course last year and haven’t looked back. Kirsten and Nick are talking the talk and walking the walk. Passionate about sustainable food production, they’re committed to helping others skill up and craft their own eco-futures.

So, last week I got the incredible chance to talk mushrooms with people interested in alternative foods and growing their own. The event was visually stunning, filled with inspiring, pro-active people keen to spread the word about foods that are often overlooked. The theme of TEDX was “ideas worth spreading” and it I think they achieved it. The ant butter was definitely worth spreading. Just sayin.’

It was a bit of a different day to my usual pottering around in the lab and grow tunnel in Milton. It was so uplifting to meet so many people interested in growing their own, living simply and sustainably, and doing something about it.

The best part? Those delicious mushrooms went straight down to the Aria kitchen to be transformed into a delicious meal as part of the event dinner. Thanks so much to the staff of Aria Catering, Jess Miller and the talented folks at Milkwood Permaculture.

Want more? Check out the courses on offer at Milkwood Permaculture, follow Milton Mushrooms on instagram @miltonmushrooms and check out our online store at

Screenshot 2015-05-29 13.39.43
Mushrooms with a view.
Screenshot 2015-05-25 14.08.28
Oyster mushrooms against the opera house sails. Photo by @jerkscully.
Screenshot 2015-05-29 13.41.09
Unfurling clusters of live oyster mushrooms by @mattdevine.
Screenshot 2015-05-29 13.40.55
Mushroom magic shot by @tedxsydneyofficial.





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