Oh boy. The Gaia Farmers Markets start this Thursday, 9th July. Be there at 2pm to hit the stalls when they’re bursting with fresh local vegetables, fruit, honey, dairy, eggs, meat and fish. And mushrooms. Don’t forget the mushrooms. We’ll be there with freshly harvested phoenix and white oyster mushrooms and grow kits. It’s going to be awesome. Want to know more? Check out the facebook page here. Music, games for the kids, and Costa from Gardening Australia. What’s not to love?

It’s super exciting to see this incredible idea come to fruition. Val and Simi have worked tirelessly over the last few months to bring everything together. The stellar farmers markets at Moruya and Kiama have served as a continual inspiration, and now our local area is stepping up their game. Eating local. It’s an achievable dream. I’m pretty proud to live here on the south coast where such exciting things are happening in the realm of food sustainability.

See you Thursday!

2 replies on “Gaia beckons on July 9th

  1. I totally 100% intention to see you, however I am busy buying 200b mimosa park rd. I will have to get spore for the oyster or any fungi home delivered b in touch over the coming time I’m only following not stalking
    Ross aka former van dweller

  2. Hi Ross! I was wondering who had bought that place – so awesome that it’s you. I’ll be at the Gaia Farmers Markets every Thursday so don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on mushrooms!
    – Marita

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