It’s autumn. The days got shorter all by themselves after we cashed in our daylight savings. The first lunar eclipse of the lunar tetrad (Blood Moon) bloomed in the sky. The mornings and evenings are crisp and clear. The sunsets are captivating. The light itself seems different. There’s already whispers of chimney smoke; errant invisible, scented trails escaping from kitchens; and many more excuses for a good old cup of tea.

It’s been a beautiful, lovely blur of being in gardens – at home, the restaurant and TAFE. It’s time for brassicas, baby. I’ve learned where to perve on miniature donkeys in Milton, how to use a lighter, and been reminded of how amazing it is to open your eyes in the sea.

Collectively, we’re preparing for our winter hibernation. And I’m all right with that.

hut 1


hut 3


dam 1

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