This week, meet Emily Reid, one of our top local rising talents. She’s a local who appreciates the great sense of community here in Milton, where friendly and supportive souls abound.

During the day you’ll catch her at Pilgrims or Tallwood, but when she’s not a crucial part of the local restaurant scene, she’s hunched over her sketchbook, creating intricate and imaginative artworks. Her work is regularly featured in galleries in Sydney, Melbourne and further afield, with recent exhibitions including “Shiver Me Timbers”, “Baroness” and “Dia De Los Muertos”. You’ll also see her work on the waves, as local surfers line up for her custom board art. In Milton, you’ll see parts of her legacy in murals around town. Check it out next time you’re trying on those shorts in AKWA Surf or chowing down on a Bliss burger at Pilgrims. She works for commission and enjoyment, and is inspired by all the tiny details that surround us and often go unnoticed, “like beauty spots on faces or raindrops on leaves.”

Her unique style and beauty has also seen her featured in South Coast Style Magazine.

In her downtime, she makes terrariums and inks unique tattoos, wanders the beach and dabbles in the garden. She studies horticulture at TAFE, where she can often be found poring through permaculture books or interrupted from doodling flowers onto her notes. Why does she love gardening? “It’s the closest you can get to magic.”

She’s one to watch. Follow her art and adventures on instagram @emreid_


Original artwork by Emily Reid.


Original artwork by Emily Reid.


Original artwork by Emily Reid.


Original artwork by Emily Reid.

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