There truly is something in the water here in Milton. It’s home to many creative, inspiring people. I’d like to celebrate this by introducing you to some of them, through a new series dubbed ‘Milton Faces.’

This week, meet my first ‘Milton Face’: my incredible sister Anna. She’s a keen athlete, aspiring model and bubbling source of energy and creativity.

For Anna, Milton has been home base since her family moved here when she was three, a twirling toddler in a fairy costume usually found barefoot in the garden. Now, she admits that her family’s home farm out the back of Milton is still her favourite place. She just does a lot less dancing in fairy costumes. Instead, she can be found modelling for local brands such as Reclaimed Society and the Institute of Design with her unique, ethereal beauty.

She’s a fan of Milton’s subtle community vibe, the fact that the main strip is dominated by cafes both frequented and staffed by her friends. By night she joins their ranks at Milton Woodfired Pizza, toting a freshly made pizza home after every shift.

If she’s not at school or working, you’ll catch her running through the fire trails in Morton National Park or playing soccer for the Milton Ulladulla Panthers. She recently competed in the Hillary Challenge and made it to the National Championships. It’s an “adventure race” involving orienteering, running, cycling, swimming and paddling that is a serious test of endurance, stamina and mental skills. She’s seriously fit and fast.

Plus, that’s just a typical week in her life. She’s rather amazing.


Photo courtesy of Lauren Hemsworth


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