The period between Christmas and New Year is typically one of reflection. A week of limbo and absent responsibilities. A time to just slow down and savour the simplest of things. A good meal. Waking up without an alarm. Beach. Afternoon naps.

It’s increasingly becoming a time when we assess our fulfilment in life, too. The nucleus before we swear to carry out gruelling New Year’s resolutions to transform our own personal way of living. It’s a time to ask yourself: who are you, and what do YOU want? If your life is not aligned with your values, you are defined by a job you don’t enjoy, or you are not pursuing goals you’ve nurtured for many years, can you truly say you are fulfilled?

Many of us spend our precious lives making a dying, not a living. We exchange our life-energy for a pay check, accumulate the trappings of an ordinary life, and wonder at our gnawing feelings of discontent.

Making a living is a continual journey. Make time to cultivate your way in 2015.


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