photoMy name’s Marita, and I live in a caravan tucked away outside Milton on the south coast of NSW.

In 2015, I’m excited to be bringing you fresh, gourmet mushrooms grown right here on the farm. Introducing: Milton Mushrooms.

Milton Mushrooms will be raising fine oyster mushrooms, fleshy and tasty. White oyster, Phoenix oyster, and the elusive King oyster. From time to time, expect an appearance from those exotic pastel-coloured oysters, the golden and pink varieties.

From petri dish culture through to mature, fruiting mushrooms, these fungi are scientifically grown with a whole lot of love. It’s one way to use your science degree.

I studied with the south coast group Milkwood Permaculture. These guys run a whole spectrum of courses aimed at getting skilled up and becoming more self-sufficient. If that sounds like your deal, check them out at

So if you’d like to taste real, delicious, fresh-picked mushrooms, look out for Milton Mushrooms, soon to be supplying restaurants and cafes in Milton and our new local farmer’s market.





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