Picture this: it’s just after 9am on a Monday morning, and the Baptist Church is thrumming with over 130 gardeners from our local area. Tables laden with flowering plants, sub-committees, and sign-up sheets line the walls. A tea and biscuit service is prepared with military precision. Every member is bedecked with an engraved name tag, smiling and radiating the sort of positive energy that only comes from years of connection to the soil and open sky.

The Ulladulla and Districts Garden Club is more akin to a functional city-state than a simple gathering of like-minded, green-thumbed souls. I was only there a morning, to talk about growing mushrooms, their medicinal uses, and the future of bio-materials. Yet I left buoyed by the collective energy of our local gardening sages. We’re so very blessed to count you among our number.

Thanks for having me.






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