Gaia beckons on July 9th

Oh boy. The Gaia Farmers Markets start this Thursday, 9th July. Be there at 2pm to hit the stalls when they’re bursting with fresh local vegetables, fruit, honey, dairy, eggs, meat and fish. And mushrooms. Don’t forget the mushrooms. We’ll be there with freshly harvested phoenix and white oyster mushrooms and grow kits. It’s going…

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Milton Mushrooms at TEDX Sydney 2015

This year, TEDX Sydney was all about unusual food that pushes our dinner plate boundaries. The Rebel Food event curated by Jess Miller definitely delivered. You’ve probably seen the BuzzFeed article documenting what was on offer to attendees (if not, check it out here). There were bugs (cricket muesli, ant butter, mealworm sprinkles) unusual meats (crocodile and boar…

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