It’s been six months since I moved back to Milton and began a simple living, gardening odyssey. Six whole months! It’s a bit of a shock that we’re suddenly on the cusp of winter. Luckily, Milton is swathed in an Indian summer, at least for a little bit longer. I feel blessed to wake up in my own cosy caravan home, with Mindy the donkey as my nearest neighbour and the rush of the sea echoing through the valley. I feel even more blessed to be working at St Isidore, both in the restaurant and in the garden. It’s such a unique place, with delicious food and lovely people. If you haven’t dropped in for dinner before, you’re in for a treat.  Pop on over for a stroll through the vegetable beds, the orchard and say hello to all the single ladies in the hen-house. Then sit down for some tasty local produce, cooked a darn tootin’ bit fancily by the talented Alex and Jo and served up by the smiling Dan and Emily. You might even see Pete the gardener wielding his green thumbs in the garden, patiently showing a blonde girl how to garden.

st isidore

isidore 2





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