Bliss balls are a vegan treat staple. While I was wandering last year I stumbled across a delicious concoction based on dates, nuts and oats that carried me through many adventures: climbing Mt Snowdon, hiking the Pembrokeshire coast path, or even just brightening up a rainy afternoon with a cup of tea. When I came home, I had to attempt to recreate them. My favourite combination is a simple mixture of dates, cacao, walnuts, almonds and oats.

Who says vegans don’t get any treats? It’s hard to miss chocolate when you can whip up a batch of these.

Get on it.

Amaze balls

I cup oats, blended to a coarse flour

2 cups nuts (I love a mixture of walnuts and almonds), blended to a nut meal

2 cups fresh dates, blended

several tablespoons of raw cacao or carob (depending on preference)

Mix together and form into balls. ¬†Refrigerate or keep a stash in the freezer and you’ll always have a tasty morsel on hand.

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